Natural River Rock

Our Natural River Rock comes in three sizes (3″, 57’s & 78’s).  The prices are for one scoop.  Our loader has a 1 ¼ yard size bucket and is used for all our mulches.  Soils, stones, and sands are sold per scoop and is measured at 1 ¼ ton.  These prices reflect a full scoop; we also offer ½ scoops in all products at half the price listed.   The ½ scoop works well for smaller needs by customers and if a smaller truck/trailer is being used for hauling.


Our nursery has delivery services available on all bulk products, as well as trees, shrubs, and other miscellaneous items.  Our prices are based on the location of the delivery.   The local delivery fee in Salem is $25.00.  Delivery fees are based on your zip code.   Please call (540)389-7971 for more information

Our mulch yard is open for  pick-up during our business hours.  Please see our home page for current hours.   Pine Ridge Nursery strives to carry only  the best products in the Industry.  We  try our best to offer you fair and competitive prices.   Give a call at (540)389-7971 or come by our  nursery today.

Natural River Rock

95.00 (3 sizes 78′s, 57′s, 3″)