Seasonal Items

Pine Ridge Nursery has you covered as the seasons change.   From Spring to Winter, our nursery changes inventory to provide you plants and materials to make each season more spectacular for you.   Our greenhouses will have annuals, perennials, ferns, garden plants, and much more to coincide with the growing period.

For Easter and Mother’s Day, our nursery will have a tremendous amount of beautiful plants, shrubs, and trees if you are looking for that special item.   Throughout the spring and summer, we will continue to supplement our inventory to give you plenty to choose from to brighten up your landscape and flower beds/pots.    When fall arrives, so will our mums and pumpkins!  Fall colors are a welcome site right before the cold of winter arrives.     When the winter arrives, we stock our nursery with Christmas Trees grown in Floyd County.   Our wreaths are made by our employees, they are made from a variety of different trees.   The trees are stocked in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from and they are all individually placed on stands for you to see all sides of the tree you choose.   Trees are trimmed and loaded for your convenience.

Please visit our inside gift gallery.    Our flags, mailbox signs, floor designs all rotate through with the season.    Come in for a visit to find that special item for all seasons!!